Coelos Ascendit – Stanford – Ascension Day 13th May

Hand in your homework by Friday 7th May!

How does the singing online work?

  • A guide track is nicked from YouTube that will either be here on this page (sometimes with the addition of me as a conductor) or accessed from a link on the music list for the month (above).
  • Download and print out the music (again from this page or from the link on the music list) or use a third device and read it straight from there.
  • Set yourself up with a device so you can listen to the guide track on headphones (and watch it too if you find that helpful)
  • You then need another device (and some sort of tripod) to film yourself while singing along.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – we all think we sound dreadful at this point! Perhaps best not to play it back!
  • Sent that film (or just audio if you find filming difficult) to ideally by Friday evening, by whatever means you like ( is good)
  • Adrian does all the magic and then sends the finished job to me to drop into the service on Saturday evening.
  • A well oiled machine! Shout if you get stuck (07484 379894)

And by way of a few tips of things to avoid – you’ll enjoy this (thanks to Adrian for finding it!)