Digital Coffee

After the 9.30 Sunday Benefice digital services we are experimenting with digital coffee. We can’t provide you with coffee but shortly after 10.15 there will be live video conference for you to join, an opportunity to chat and to see who has the best mug.

You will also be able to link up with some of the folks in church where there will be a screen, camera and open mic.

If you’d like to join we’re using Zoom. Please see guidance below.

Digital meetings

We are using Zoom for the majority of meetings across our churches. This is a versatile video conferencing system that is easy to use both for those taking part and for the person organising the meeting. To take part in a meeting you will either tap a button (like the coffee one above) or follow a link in an email from the organiser.

Before that it will help if you have downloaded the Zoom app for your device (see below). It’s better, but not essential, if you do that in advance. Then all you will need to do when the meeting starts is follow the link to the meeting.

It’s probably easiest to use a smartphone or a tablet, that way you will certainly have a microphone and a camera. You will, of course, need to know your password for your app store (Apple ID or Google login). Downloads are here, (the blue one if your phone tablet is an Apple device, otherwise the black one):

If you’re using a Windows laptop or computer (make sure you have a webcam connected) then you’ll need this one:

If you want to get more complicated than that, or those don’t work then the full range of downloads is available here.