You may have arrived here because you’re willing to have a go at contributing to our Deanery Taize performance for a service on 19th July. If so, thanks for your interest.

The idea is to use the Taize piece Lord Jesus Christ, your light shines within us. We invite you to sing or to play and to contribute whatever you like, as many times as you like. We will mix everything we get together in different ways.

Here’s a short video to use as a guide track. Listen to it on headphones while performing just one verse, it will make sure everyone is going at the same pace. The clap, as directed on the last note of the short introduction (which can otherwise be ignored), is an easy way for us to synchronise all the recordings. Sing / play 2 beats at the end (again indicated).

Here is the music. Feel free to sing or play any choir part and / or to record any of the descants / counter melodies on page 2.

Film your performance (or just record audio if you prefer) on a second device and send it to by any means you like. is a good tool.

We look forward to a great performance.

How does the singing / playing work? In more detail

  • A guide track is provided. 
  • Download and print out the music (or use a third device and read it straight from there).
  • Set yourself up with a device so you can listen to the guide track on headphones.
  • You then need another device (and some sort of tripod) to film yourself while singing along. 
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – we all thing we sound dreadful at this point!
  • Sent that film (or just audio if you find filming difficult) to ideally by Thursday 16th July, by whatever means you like ( is good) 
  • Adrian does all the magic in editing it together.
  • A well oiled machine! Shout if you get stuck (07484 379894) – Mark.

St Mary’s Virtual Services

We’re refining the Sunday 9.30 broadcast service all the time and finding ingenious ways to involve people.

If you’d like to help by reading a lesson, writing and leading intercessions or welcoming people to the service We’d love to hear from you.

All you need is an internet enabled device (smart phone, tablet, computer) if a computer it needs to have a camera and microphone attached (we can let you have one if necessary).

Please let us know if you’d like to help using this form. We’ll contact you in due course.

This is how it works

  1. Film yourself on a phone or tablet
    • Choose an uncluttered / appropriate background,
    • with good lighting (not from behind you).
    • Have the phone in landscape mode,
    • aim to capture head and shoulders,
    • as close as possible but with a little head room at the top.
    • Try to mount your phone / tablet on something (a tripod is of course ideal) rather than going “hand held.”
    • The script should be held / placed as close to the camera lens as possible, that way it will look like you are looking at the camera.
    • Optionally stand on the side of the screen rather than the centre at a slight angle so that you are talking into the spare two thirds of the shot.
    • Please leave a second or so of silence before and after to help with editing