We always welcome gifts and donations to help the work of our churches. At present the Coronavirus lock-down is having an impact on our normal giving channels and our fund raising plans, and we particularly encourage members of our congregations to consider reviewing what they give and how they give it, at this time.

Donate now

The Parish Giving Scheme

The most efficient way to give, by a very long way, is to use the Parish Giving Scheme. This is really just a direct debit scheme but the process is managed for us at no cost and Gift Aid is automatically reclaimed on all eligible donations.

At present, the easiest way to join is to call the team (between 9 am and 5 pm):

0333 002 1271

You’ll be taken through the sign up process – this normally takes around 15 minutes. Please have the following information to hand:

  • Your bank account details (account number and sort code)
  • The PGS code for the parish you wish to give to, these are:
    Ross (St Mary’s) – 180618244
    Walford (St Michael’s) – 180618253
    Brampton Abbotts (St Michael’s) – 180618477

Alternatively we can send you more details and an enrollment form by post (sorry it’s so analogue!) Please either complete this simple online form, email our treasurer or call the Benefice office on 01989 562175.

You’ll find much more information on the scheme here.

If you use the PGS you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Gift Aid scheme. If you give in any other way we ask you to complete a Gift Aid donation form, that way we can reclaim a further 25% on top of your donation at no cost to you.

Physical forms should be returned to The Treasure, Benefice Office, The Rectory, Church Street, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5HN

Scanned copies will do to: ross.treasurer@rossparishes.uk