We’re organising a Come Dine With Me experience for a bit of fun and hopefully to raise some well needed funds. The idea is we’ll all meet for a three course meal on Saturday 23rd May at 7.00 pm (Bank Holiday). We can’t provide the meal (but see below for some help) though we can provide you with friends to eat it with.

We’ll all meet via Zoom at 7.00 for a pre dinner drink and a chat. We will explain how the evening works and you will be ready to join you first group of diners for your starter.

When we’ve enjoyed a drink together, you will be transported to your first venue (no driving involved – entirely environmentally friendly). You’ll eat your starter … then more chat, join a different group for the main course … you get the idea. We’ll all come back together for coffee.

There’s no charge for this event but there will be ample opportunity to make a donation to St Mary’s via Pay Pal using your PayPal account if you have one, a credit card if not, (or we’ll be happy to take your money in any way you’d like to give it to us, including cheques, sent to the Rectory Office). Please let us know you’ll be coming by completing this simple form:

 you can make your donation to St Mary’s here 

You’re very welcome to eat anything you like but to give you a bit of inspiration, and for even more fun, we’ve commissioned three chefs to make their TV chef debut. You’ll find a film below from each of these people that will guide you through their recipes. But remember, you are free to eat anything you like!

Julian the starter

The starter will be Thai Salmon Fishcakes with a dipping sauce. They’re pretty straight forward and don’t take too long to make.

Andrew the main

I’m planning to do Bomba di Riso, a baked filled risotto.  I thought of it because you don’t really see it here and there are lots of options to vary it as well as shortcuts.
It’s generally served sliced with a green salad so it can all be done in advance and popped in the oven. 

Lindy the dessert

I’ll be leading you through chocolate marquise cups with Hazelnut biscuits Traditionally, this French mousse is made as a terrine, cut into slices, I like to serve it in individual pots. If you want to take a short-cut you can buy some biscuits instead.

On the night, use this button to take your seat at the table. You will need the password: 677000