These two choirs are a brand new venture for autumn 2021. If you’re a young person (aged 4 or older) who enjoys singing, perhaps a bit of drama thrown in, we invite you to be a part of it.

We’re starting with rehearsals at 4pm (arrive from 3.15) on Thursdays (finishing at 5 pm). But this may change to accommodate the needs of singers and parents.

There’s no need to do so (it’s okay just to turn up on a Thursday) but you can use this form to express an interest and we’ll get back to you (with no commitment). Or feel free to email.

How will it work? What will I be expected to do?

As a new group we’ll be evolving as we go to accommodate the needs and skills of the young people involved, but this will be a group that meets after school on Thursdays, during term time, 4.00 – 5.00 pm (arrive any time from 3.15). This will be a rehearsal but with some social time and activities built in. We expect that the choir will sing for two or three services a month, sometimes on its own and sometimes with our already well established adult choir. It’s also anticipated there will be the occasional concert performance.

Two choirs?

Yes, The Youth Choir is for young people from about Year 3 (age 7) onwards, we rehearse in church, always sing from music and aim for a high performance standard. The Youth Choir performs regularly, sometimes with the adult choir.

Quavers is a choir for 4-7 year olds, the focus will be more on action songs, games and physical movement and fewer words to learn. They rehearse at the same time as the Youth Choir (4-5 on a Thursday) in St Mary’s Hall. The two groups sing together sometimes.

Do I need to be a good singer?

Perhaps surprisingly, no! As long as you are keen to have a go you can learn the rest. As choristers learn more and improve, they earn different coloured badges. Many choristers go on to achieve regional awards. 

What’s in it for me? 

So much! Free music tuition, singing coaching and lots of fun – what’s not to like! As with anything worthwhile you will get a lot from the satisfaction of knowing you are doing a good job well – and that’s what we do, we have high standards. Singing is perhaps the one thing that you can do just as well as, and often better than, adults. You will be a member of a club as well. If you’re learning to play a musical instrument then singing in a well run choir will help a lot with that, especially the aural parts of exams. You also get paid for weddings, and when you get more experience there are choral scholarships that you can apply for. 

Do parents have to pay for children to join?

No it’s entirely free, in fact we’ll sing for weddings when we will pay you. A great way of getting free music tuition.

Do I have to believe in God? 

No, the choir is open to all. Whether or not you believe what goes on in services is unimportant. The choir is there to do a job: to help others with their worship. 

What else goes on for young people at St Mary’s?

It’s an exciting time at the moment a quite a number of new things are now up and running for young people and families. Messy Church is a fun, informal service for young people that runs once a month. LEAF is our weekly youth group for children of secondary school age. At the other end of the spectrum, Toast and Toddle meets each Wednesday for mums, dads and small children on return from the school run each Wednesday morning. So lots!

Rewards and Awards

As singers gain experience and skill they will work through a series of local then regional awards based on the a scheme from the Royal School of Church Music. The two higher levels (bronze and silver) are recognised nationally as approximately equivalent to grade 3 and 5.

What others say about singing at St Mary’s

The Youth Choir will be a new choir, but young people have been singing at St Mary’s as a part of the main choir for centuries! This is what some of the recent ones have said. All of these people are still very much a part of St Mary’s adult choir:

Cameron – joined 2012 – Now: Aberystwyth University

I joined the choir in 2012 because I really enjoyed singing. I didn’t know much about music then but I have learnt to read and understand music much better. I passed my RSCM Silver award and before I went to university I held a choral scholarship at St Mary’s for a few years. Being in the choir has given me the opportunity to sing solos, including at the Christmas Carol Service when the church is packed. I love going to cathedrals to sing with the choir. I have even sung for the Queen. Everyone in the choir has been very friendly; I join in fully with everything we do.

Now that I’m at university (studying Buisness Studies) I still come and sing with the choir while I’m at home duing holidays.

Ginnie – joined 2005 – Now: studying Physiotherapy at Manchester Metropolitan.

I have been a part of the church choir at St.Mary’s for many years, starting at the age of six. During this time I have built up the confidence to sing solos and develop my vocal skills, and to achieve my grade 8 singing with a merit. Church choir has also assisted my participation in the school choir as well as auditioning for musical productions within school and the local drama group X-entricity.

For me, the Church choir is a big part of who I am. In my pursuit of the Arts, both receiving my grade 8 ballet, and being in the choir have supported my A level Drama. Being involved with the choir helped my university application as it showed a high level of commitment and differentiated me from other candidates.

I have made great friends along the way and have very much enjoyed being able to sing along side my Mum and Sister. This choir has genuinely been an amazing experience and opportunity. I enjoyed singing in the choir during the holidays from Manchester Metropolitan Uiversity, now I’m qualified as a physiotherapist and working at Hereford Hospital, living close by and so still able to sing in the choir.

Beth – joined 2005 – Now: Recent MA graduate, Courtauld Institute

Joining the choir wasn’t my decision; my brother had sung in a choir in Surrey before we moved to Ross and my parents decided I could go along with him to this church choir they’d found here. Little did they know that I’d be the one who fell in love with it, not him.

Fast-forward sixteen years and singing has opened so many doors to me. Through my university choir, I was able to sing at the BBC Proms in 2019, performing Haydn’s Creation in German with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. I also moved to Vienna for a few months shortly afterwards, and was able to sing with the choir of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

In St Mary’s choir I made friends that I’m certain I’ll have my whole life long, and I can’t begin to explain how much my confidence improved. I love being able to go back and sing in Ross whenever I’m visiting. 

I cannot encourage you enough to join the choir; I would not be where I am today without it.

Laurence – joined 2012 – Now: Organ Scholar at Exeter Cathedral

While I was a full time member of the choir, Friday evening and then the Sunday services were among the best things in my week. As well as producing really high quality music, it’s great working as part of a team and hearing pieces evolve over the weeks. In our robes, we look quite serious – but actually we have a lot of fun! Being in the choir is a great thing to do – and I hope that I will be able to carry on singing, and maybe even lead a choir of my own one day. My work at St Mary’s (first as a chorister then organist for a year) helped me secure amazing opportunities to be a cathedral organ scholar at Hereford, then at an Oxford college, where I’ve been working for two music degrees, and now as a member of the music team at Exeter Cathedral.

James – joined 2008 – Now: Transport Consultant

I am so grateful to Mark and the rest of the choir for the opportunities being a member has given me. I was reluctant to join at first as I was nervous about singing with a large group of experienced people, even allowing other people to hear me sing. Choir has allowed me to achieve awards with the Royal School of Church Music (which look amazing on a CV- think of your future!); has taught me life skills (how to read music); and aided me achieving in Grade 8 in vocals. At university I was a member of the University of Plymouth Student Choir.

When I return home I always rejoin the choir and it’s like I’ve never left! Everyone is so friendly and you almost feel a part of one family.

Choir has benefited me both academically and socially (improving self-confidence). If you enjoy singing, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Lydia – Now: Music Therapist in Cardiff

I’ve had many happy years in the choir. Having finished a music degree at the University of Nottingham and now living aand working in Cardiff, I enjoy coming back to sing when I can. I’m pursuing a career in music and that is partly down to having been a part of the choir and I am very grateful for that. It is a close, friendly unit and I value the times that I have had there very much.

There’s no need to do so (it’s okay just to turn up) but it would be helpful if you could sign up below (with no commitment). If you can’t come, you can express your interest here too.