Paddle and Praise Logo

Paddle and Praise is an opportunity for pre – school children, accompanied by a parent, to enjoy some time in the water and to engage in a short informal worship activity and to play and socialise.

Paddle and Praise takes place monthly, on a Friday, 09:30 – 11:30 in a private indoor pool in Walford. Dates are published in the event calendar. For more information, please contact the team administrator (01989 562175) for details.

Dates for Spring & Summer 2023 are:

  • January 20th
  • February 10th 
  • March 3rd
  • April 28th
  • May 12th
  • June 23rd
  • July 14th

Paddle & Praise Plus is for older children, of primary school age. Please contact the team administrator (01989 562175) for details.

  • Friday 13th January 3.30 to 5.15pm 
  • Friday 17th February 3.30 to 5.15pm
  • Friday 28th April 3.30 to 5.15pm

The programme for each afternoon is:

3.30 to 4.15pm Swim time. One Parent to accompany children in water please.

4.15pm to 4.30pm Hot dogs and drinks, along with Bible story

4.30pm to 5.15pm Games

5.15pm Milky Way treasure hunt in front garden on way home.

Family Services

Family-friendly services take place in Walford on the Fourth Sunday of each month at 11:00 am with refreshments served beforehand from 10:30am.  The mood is relaxed and welcoming.