In addition the the recordings and video on this page you find live streamed services on our YouTube Channel

Some recent recordings by the choir

Most have been recorded in services, are otherwise unedited, and come warts and all with various liturgical (and other) noises off!

Malcolm Archer: A Prayer of St Richard of Chichester – July 2021

Richard Lloyd: View me Lord – July 2021

George Dyson: Evening Canticles in F – July 2021

Psalm 56 – July 2021

John Joubert: O Lorde the maker of al thing – July 2021

Charles Villiers Stanford: Evening Canticles in B flat – July 2021

T Tertius Noble: Magnificat in B minor
T Tertius Noble: Nunc Dimittis in B minor – July 2021
Psalm 61 – July 2021
Psalm 47 – July 2021
Peter Nardone: Mass of St Cedd – Agnus Dei – July 2021

Archive recordings

Commercial recordings

We’ve made a few CD recordings over the years.

In Every Corner Sing is a CD of popular hymns. Members of the congregation were invited to request and sponsor a hymn, with a dedication if they wished. They were also invited to attend the recording session and to join in with some of the verses. Hence the title of the CD.

Christe Slave is a CD of popular Christmas Music

Price £7.00 to order please contact us Some tracks below.