Here are a few of the comments that people have left recently in our visitors’ books when they came to see us.

There’s a great deal of history here but what we really like is the sense of community when you come in. The building feels like it’s at the heart of the community with the dining area, children’s area and support services. It has something for all ages.

Thank you for accepting me, I love it here.

Great to find a church open, warm and lit, with many signs of spiritual life.
What a lovely reinterpretation of a medieval church.

Lovely displays, so much to see.

Pleased to see a church moving forward to meet the needs of the 21st century. Wonderful work!

Love the changes you’ve made to adapt St Mary’s to serve the community but recommend you retain certain pews to preserve the connection with the past. Very good to find the church open and to see so much evidence of a welcoming community.

Very good atmosphere. You appear to have a strong team.

We are full of admiration for what you have done here; mixing the sense of holiness and worship with the practicalities of new modern, caring spaces. Thank you for the welcome.

So lovely to walk into your church and to see it is loved, cared for and used.

A holy place. Great to see your church moving forward with the times. A tremendous sense of peace and spirituality.

We hope you enjoy your new interior. God bless you all, especially the choir!!! A tasteful and practical reordering!

A beautiful church, very warm and comforting, feels loved and cherished.

It is lovely to see the space in a building used so sympathetically.

Thank you, a beautiful historic church still living and looking forward.

Sad to see that you are removing the pews.

An interesting example of making a church building open to the community. Good luck in your future endeavours.