Lent 2021

For almost a year now there has been very little opportunity to raise any funds for the work of St Mary’s so we hope that you will help us during Lent by taking part in this fundraiser.

Each day until Palm Sunday, we invite you to consider how blessed we have been despite the difficulties we have encountered during the pandemic and offer opportunities to make donations to our funds. Although we are suggesting an amount you might like to give, feel free to give less or more as you can afford and fill in each daily amount as you go. We hope you will enjoy counting your blessings.

On some days we are not asking you to make a donation, but rather to do something or pray about something instead. The final day will be Palm Sunday.

To take part you can download our 40 blessings spreadsheet (.xlsx) and fill it in on your device (it will do all the sums for you) or download and print a booklet. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy of the booklet from the back of the church.

After 40 days you can send us your donations through Paypal, (on the drop down box, please choose “count your blessings”) or you can take cash or a cheque to the benefice office.

If you are able to add Gift Aid, please complete a Gift Aid donation form, so that we can reclaim a further 25% at no cost to you. Note that this is done for you if you tick the box when you pay using Paypal.

Paper forms should be returned to The Treasurer, Benefice Office, The Rectory, Church Street, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5HN. Email scanned copies to: ross.treasurer@rossparishes.uk