You can download the full set of logos for the Benefice and for each parish here:

Benefice & Parish Logos 2018

Please feel free to use which ever version of the logo you need as seems most appropriate. If you need an altered version please let me know and I’ll sort one out for you.

A few basic rules to try to ensure consistency of branding:

  1. Please don’t alter the proportions. By all means resize but don’t stretch or squash them. (When resizing make sure you do so using the corner handles rather than the side ones in your chosen package).
  2. Please don’t modify, I’ll be very happy to do that for you if you let me know.
  3. Feel free to print in colour, grey scale or black.
  4. Please don’t change the colours. Ideally pick up the colour from the logo you’re using elsewhere in your publication. The easiest way to do that will be to use the colour picker.
  5. The fonts used in the logos (and ideally in all publications we create) are: Calibri Light (or if you prefer, Calibri) – which should be used as the main font and Segoe Print, which should be used sparingly.

Please shout if you need further guidance, need variations on the core set or would like some help with designing a publication. I’ll be happy to help.

Mark Sanderson