Our two intrepid travellers on foot are at it again. This time, Janet and Nick are planning to walk the St Thomas Way which starts in Swansea and ends in Hereford. The walk follows a trail used by real medieval pilgrims to the shrine of St Thomas Cantilupe. They will complete the walk in stages. The total distance for the walk is 56 miles and while this is a short walk for Janet and Nick, Nicks current health problems mean that it will be a substantial challenge for them both. You can learn more about their walk at https://thomasway.ac.uk/explore-the-way/

Nick and Janet plan to start on 7th August and to complete the walk on Sunday 22nd August. We ask you to sponsor their endeavour as they raise money for St Mary’s Church in an attempt to address the £43,000 deficit we built up last year. They are seeking donations and will be very happy if you’d sign their form, alternatively you can give here.

Please give as generously as Nick and Janet!

Join Janet & Nick in Usk – Saturday 14th August, 1 pm

On Saturday 14th August Janet and Nick would like to invite anyone wishing to join them, to do so for an easy section of the walk.

Please join us at 11am in the churchyard of St Mary’s Church in Usk. The circular walk will take about 2 hours, we’ll have a picnic in the churchyard at 1 pm (please feel free to join us just for that if you prefer). The walk is well described here.