Lockdown Creativity, a Virtual Gallery

Take a look at our Virtual Gallery and upload your images or videos by submitting the form.

We are collecting poetry, short stories, sound recordings, photographs, or photos of your pictures, sculptures, handicrafts, woodwork, garden or anything else you have created.  The only criteria is that you created or completed it during lockdown. We welcome submissions from all ages and from anyone with connections to the Ross-on-Wye area.

There is also the opportunity for visitors to the exhibition to make a donation, ans you will be asked to name a charity of your choice when you upload your exhibit. You may choose St Mary’s Church, but if you have any other charity you wish to support, then please give its name.

At the end of lockdown, we are planning to bring our virtual exhibition to life in St Mary’s Church and are hoping to work with other Ross organisations to display some of the work around the town. We want this to be a community effort supporting the things local people care about.

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