Welcome to our online resources for meditation on Good Friday we walk with Jesus to the cross. There are nine stations each with an image and biblical passage.

At each station you will find resources offered for meditation including: a short thought starter; a prayer starter; a short meditative craft video recorded by Christine for this Good Friday; traditional Good Friday music from the St Mary’s choir archive; some other musical material including hymns and songs; links to find out more. You get to each station by clicking on its image below.

When should I visit the stations?

You can use as many, or as few of these resourses as you want to, at any time of the day, at your own pace.

One resource, many paths.

There are many possible paths through these meditation resources. You could, for example:

  • Visit each station in turn, picking and mixing among the resources you find there that most speak to you.
  • Or follow a musical path, listening to St Mary’s choir sing appropriate music by following the link at each station
  • Or follow a meditative craft path, having a go at short crafts with meditative reflections recorded by Christine that you will find at each station
  • Or a very simple reflection, prayer, quiet path, station by station

Whatever route you take to accompany Jesus this Good Friday, know that he is with you, accompanying you, in every step of your Good Friday. 

Our thanks to Jenny Hawke and the One Friday Project for the beautiful watercolour images. Take the plunge! Get started by visiting any of the stations below.

John Sanders was Organist of Gloucester Cathedral until 1995 when he retired to Upton Bishop. He became a great friend of the music at St Mary’s. In better times, a glance at the music list of any English Cathedral on Good Friday would reveal this wonderful piece. It is sung here by the St Mary’s based chamber choir “In Ecclesia” and was part of the programme for John’s memorial concert at Upton Bishop Church in 2004.