New home for the Community Larder

St Mary’s has always been proud to be the home of the Churches Together in Ross and District Community Larder (food bank) and today was a landmark occasion in its seven year history.

The Larder has moved from it’s rather inaccessible base on the fist floor on St Mary’s Hall to the basement. This means it’s now accessible all on the level. The move is largely thanks to the labours of Bryan Jones who has spent the last three months converting the disused space into a purpose built larder.

We were delighted to welcome The Revd Prebendary Jill Talbot-Ponsonby (the key mover behind the establishment of the Larder in 2011) to open the new facility.

The Larder continues to be open every Tuesday morning from 10.00 – 12.00 and is always grateful for donations of food.



7 thoughts on “New home for the Community Larder

  1. How can I donate food for the food bank for Christmas ?
    Where is the drop off?
    What items do you need this week ?


    1. Hello again Stephen,
      The Larder will be open on Christmas Eve 10-12 or donations can be left in church. To be honest we are really well stocked at the moment but tinned fruit, veg, long life milk and coffee are always acceptable.
      Hope this helps.


  2. Hello,
    We have some tins of food to donate to the larder. Can I leave them in church? Are you well stocked? If so I could take them to the Forest.


    1. Hi Julia, thanks for this. You can certainly leave them in church and they will get to the larder. I’m afraid I don’t know about stock levels though. There is a link to the larder on the website, they would be able to answer that.


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