Organ Recital

We’re celebrating the easing of Coronavirus lockdown measures in many ways and not least with a gala organ recital by one of Britain’s finest young classical musicians.

Laurence John, 22 and a Ross resident, will perform an hour-long internet programme of requests from St Mary’s on Saturday 25 July at 7.30.

This will be Laurence’s third summer recital at the church. His two previous concerts were near sell outs and attracted 300 music lovers from all over Herefordshire and surrounding counties.

Laurence said: “Though churches are now open for public worship, social distancing restrictions are still quite severe and effectively mean that holding a recital in the church itself is not a realistic possibility. So the concert will be streamed live on the internet and will still be available for viewing at home for some time afterwards.”

Laurence is also breaking with tradition in another way. “Organists generally tend to compile their own recital programmes. But this time I want to give audience members a relatively rare opportunity to select their own favourite pieces of music. I can’t guarantee to play them all. It all depends on the response. But I shall do my best and think I can promise a varied, interesting, and enjoyable evening.”

Five years ago, Laurence, who was then a sixth form pupil at Hereford Cathedral School, became possibly St Mary’s youngest ever organist in the church’s 700-year history.

He subsequently went on to become organ scholar at Hereford Cathedral where, on occasions, he also conducted the cathedral choir and once played a fanfare for the arrival of the Duke of Kent.

For the past three years he has been an organ scholar and music student at The Queen’s College Oxford. During this time he has accompanied the college’s world famous choir on BBC Radio Three’s Choral Evensong, played at a Westminster Abbey Eucharist, with a congregation from all over the world, and toured with the choir in the United States, Spain and Portugal.

Requests for virtual seats (and pieces) can be made at

Voluntary donations to the Friends of St Mary’s can also be made on the website. They will go directly to St Mary’s on this occasion and be used in accordance with the Friends aims and objectives.

Church this week

Sunday 5th July

We’re back in church again and there will be a service at 9.30 am. You are welcome to attend but you’ll need to book a place

The full order of service will be available here later in the week for you to download and bring with you (digitally on your device or printed).

The service will be live streamed to our Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view that – only to interact with it). It will also be recorded and available here and on Facebook when the service has finished.

Virtual Coffee will take place in Zoom immediately after the service. Feel free to bring your flask of coffee to church or to join in at home. We’ll have a live link to Zoom from the church and a screen to connect with folks at home.

Thursday 2nd July

There will also be a live stream from St Mary’s at 10.00 am on Thursday of a said Eucharist. Again, this will be on our Facebook page

Remember a loved one

Ross Remembers is a new website ( where you can remember a loved one who has died.

All you need to do that, is a photograph (or more) and a short piece of text about the person. There is the option to add prayers and poetry, anything really that you think is relevant. All is explained on the site.

The site is free to use and you can include anyone there who has died for any reason. It is open to people of any faith and none.

We will also be holding a streamed service from St Mary’s on Monday 13th July at 8.30 pm at which we will remember by name all those who have died in Ross, Walford and Brampton Abbotts this year as well as all those who have been added to the site by that time. If there is anyone you’d particularly like us to remember in the service please let us know.

Laurence John – Organ Recital

We’re delighted that Laurence has offered another recital at St Mary’s.

This one will be at a distance though. He’ll be playing in Church but the audience will be in their home watching online. The advantages are:

  • It’s totally safe
  • You’ll be able to “chat” live – Laurence will respond (between pieces!)
  • We’ll reach places with cameras we can’t usually
  • You can make requests
  • There’s no charge (though donations are invited prominently for The Friends and St Mary’s).

What’s not to like!

Though not essential you can book your seat here, you can also request a piece. We’ll send you details of where you can find it in due course.

Live Family Service on Sunday

Live Family Service for the Ross Parishes – 10.45 on Zoom – All are welcome to join us for family worship. Please email Chris Blanchard in advance if you would like to attend, to receive an email link to the service with info about how to prepare and what to bring.

We will be imagining and exploring Jesus’ parable “The kingdom of God is like a party…” through songs and actions, story telling and prayers. Exploring the Bible and praying using imagination is an approach that Christians of all ages and backgrounds have used for centuries. You can also listen to a guided meditation on the same passage here:   You might like to try it. Do ask Caroline Pascoe or Chris Blanchard if you’d like to know more. 

Toast tomorrow

Looking forward to Toast and Toddle on Wed at 10.00am for an hour of fun, stories and songs, everybody welcome!

This week the story will be read by Anne, children – please make sure you bring your toothbrush! last week’s story is on the Facebook group page:

Gill and Geoff will be arranging a scavenger hunt and Helen will provide the music.

With Father’s Day on the horizon, Gill has suggested a very personal gift that you can make for the big day. 

You will need:-

  • A jar or small box
  • Several lego bricks
  • An adult armed with a permanent marker
  • … I will reveal all on Wednesday!

To join the Zoom Meeting…

Password: 402806

Access to St Mary’s

We are delighted that work has started today on phase 3 of our ongoing remodelling of St Mary’s. This will bring major improvements to the accessibility and welcome of the main entrance. For more information on exactly what is happening (and what has been ached so far) please visit

The church building remains closed this week and although the doors may be open while the building team begins the work we ask you not to enter.

However, following the government’s recent announcement that places of worship can open from Monday 15th June, the building will be accessible to visitors and for private prayer from that date. We are currently putting arrangement in place for that.

Welcome Tiffany

Tiffany Jackson, and her family have moved into Ross today. Tiffany will be starting work very soon as our new curate. The Mothers’ Union took them a welcome card and a hamper this afternoon

Welcome Tiffany, we look forward to seeing you soon, if only on our screens!

Lockdown Exhibition

Have you uploaded your lockdown creativity yet?

We’ve launched an online exhibition of creativity from the lockdown. It’s open to everyone. We’d like you to upload anything you’ve had a hand in creating in the last few weeks.

So far we have paintings, musical compositions and performances, literature, quilts … but Ross has to be more creative than the gallery suggests at present.

Visit the gallery where you can see what’s been exhibited so far and upload your own work.

Toast this week

Hi to Toast and Toddler mums! – A message from Alyx

I have offered to organise T&T while. I do hope you will all be able to join us at 10.00am on zoom on Wednesday for an hour of fun with your toddlers. We have various activities to involve you and your little ones: a story read by Ann Stirrup, scavenger hunt from Gill and Geoff Tipton, craft by Kelly Delves, and to finish songs from Helen Setchfield.

Craft this week will be make your own gift bags, great for avoiding wrapping an awkward shaped gift.   

You can use wrapping paper, or left over wallpaper or any other kind of paper as long as it’s big. A3 size or bigger is ideal. The thicker the paper the stronger the bag. You also need sellotape and ribbon/string for the handle, a hole punch (or something you can make holes for the handles with!) 

Please join us, all are welcome.

Join Zoom Meeting

Password: 402806

See you tomorrow.