Some thoughts for Mothering Sunday

Here is a 12 minute service for Mothering Sunday from St Mary’s. Not quite how we usually do it but we’ve tried to keep some of the familiar features:

If you want to pop something in the collection you can do that too (though if you’re a regular we’d really encourage you to look at the Parish Giving Scheme):

And while we can’t easily give you flowers for your mum, here’s a reminder of last year’s:

And so the service – Happy Mothering Sunday:

6 thoughts on “Some thoughts for Mothering Sunday

  1. Hi Mark, Unfortunately it doesn’t download for me. Regards Susan

    On Sun, 22 Mar 2020, 09:30 The Benefice of Ross-on-Wye with Walford and Brampt


    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to watch the video by streaming it rather than downloading. Can I ask you to try again, it has been seen by quite a lot of people? You might like to try Facebook if the website won’t work for you. I hope you get it working.



  2. We made a little quiet space with candles and flowers and watched it together. Think this would be perfect as a weekly event even after the corona virus fr those whose can’t het to church. Really enjoyed it and found it helpful! Thankyou


    1. Hi, thanks for your post, just now. I’m afraid it was incomplete. If you’d like to post again, we’d love to have your thoughts (especially as they seemed positive!) and I’ll approve the full version. Thanks for watching it and we are glad it was helpful.


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