Come Dine With Me is tonight

Look someone’s preparing for Ross does Come Dine With Me. It’s Melanie Mellor. The meal takes place tonight at 7 via Zoom and everyone anywhere is invited to join us for a bit of company while you eat a meal. The Bishop of Hereford and Deborah are coming.

There are three tasty dishes from three Ross TV chefs on the website, but you can eat what you like. Joining instructions and much more at

3 thoughts on “Come Dine With Me is tonight

  1. I could’ve sent you a pic of my kitchen spattered in melted chocolate. All cleaned up now Julian, my salmon cakes sort of disintegrated in the frying pan but am sure theyll be delicious See you at 7. Will it be easy to access it. Maybe you could send me the exact link Is it ok for Jim to be in the picture ? Are we supposed to making a donation ? Annx

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