Church this week

Sunday 5th July

We’re back in church again and there will be a service at 9.30 am. You are welcome to attend but you’ll need to book a place

The full order of service will be available here later in the week for you to download and bring with you (digitally on your device or printed).

The service will be live streamed to our Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view that – only to interact with it). It will also be recorded and available here and on Facebook when the service has finished.

Virtual Coffee will take place in Zoom immediately after the service. Feel free to bring your flask of coffee to church or to join in at home. We’ll have a live link to Zoom from the church and a screen to connect with folks at home.

Thursday 2nd July

There will also be a live stream from St Mary’s at 10.00 am on Thursday of a said Eucharist. Again, this will be on our Facebook page

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