Brampton Abbotts’ glitzy film premiere

It was a delight to welcome Year 6 from Brampton Abbotts Primary School to St Mary’s yesterday evening for the premiere of their film “Zoom School the Musical”

Brampton Abbotts have been something of a beacon school for the county over recent months, making excellent use of learning platforms and Zoom for learning on a daily basis. They’ve become so proficient that the final icing on the cake was to make a 40 minute film, all remotely with clever scripting. direction and editing from their teacher and deputy head teacher Sara Herriott, assisted by teaching assistant Jemma Jones.

Two screenings took place in order to accommodate half of the class at a time, with their parents, in family bubbles, 40 people per screening.

With an introduction and endorsement by Frank Cottrell Boyce, they’ve already been featured on Radio Hereford & Worcester and this morning will appear on Radio 5 Live.

You can watch the long awaited film here.

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