Online Worship Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent survey on our Online Worship provision and to Derek Glover who has crunched the numbers and analysed the results.

A few headlines: we have had nearly 70 responses and only two thirds of these considered themselves regular “church-goers” before March. Nearly 60% of the people responding are accessing services online at least weekly. 80% accessed services easily in the main. 74% have said they prefer live stream and/or prerecorded services as a digital offering (these are the main formats we’ve used). More than 80% of respondents said they would wish to continue some form of digital worship in a post Covid world.

These results are encouraging and seem to suggest we are providing what people want. We are indeed proud of the provision we’ve made at St Mary’s and of the speed at which we’ve reacted to an ever changing situation. We strive to continue to do that. We are also conscious that we need to continue to support the few with no access to technology, develop further our forms of service so that they meet both physical and online needs, and contribute to our mission of inspiring faith, hope and love.

Derek’s full survey report is available below.

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