This morning’s service for The Ross Parishes is live

‘I didn’t ever think I would gain so much spiritual recharging from seeing services in this way. I always thought that the age, smell, history and the sense of serenity in God through Jesus could only be experienced whilst at church; of course I do feel that the ‘all encompassing’ feeling of connectedness is only attainable in church. But what a wonderful gift to worship in such a way! Praise be to God. And thank you all within for making services available online, it is much appreciated. Long may they continue, even after the dark chapter we are all experiencing now.’ – A recent comment from an online

A grateful worshiper

This morning’s service will bu underway shortly on YouTube. We look forward to seeing you there.

One thought on “This morning’s service for The Ross Parishes is live

  1. Absolutely agree about church being the most wonderful p,ace to worship. Butt I’ve learned that even being quiet in the garden can work.


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