Update on Nick & Janet’s walk

As you are probably aware, Nick and Janet are doing a number of walks between Swansea and Hereford that together constitute the St Thomas Way pilgrimage. Nick’s health issues are resulting in a later finish than originally planned; they are just over half way through.

This is a splendid fund raising exercise for St Mary’s Church, Ross-on-Wye (particularly splendid given the extra effort they are putting in, given Nick’s failing health) and there is still plenty of time to sponsor their efforts. We’re currently at around £2000 but we can go further with your help. There’s more background, and a link to the giving page at https://rossparishes.uk/st-thomas-way.

A number of people from St Mary’s joined them for a relatively straightforward section of the walk las Saturday. Here are some pictures. Our thanks to St Mary’s Church in Usk for letting us into their locked church and allowing us to use a section of the churchyard for a picnic.

Today they have been in Newport, Janet writes:

It’s hard to find much of Mediaeval origin in Newport, particularly with St Woolos Cathedral closed to visitors [and apparently pilgrims], but the castle was bigger than expected. Here’s a glimpse of it behind a mosaic celebrating Newport’s industrial heritage.

Don’t forget to support Nick and Janet’s efforts for St Mary’s with a donation. https://rossparishes.uk/st-thomas-way

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