Walford Family Service – Sunday 24th October @ 10.30

Our family service at Walford this Sunday will be continuing with our green theme – in the world and in the church! Do hope you can come!

We’ll be celebrating God’s wonderful world and our part in working with God to care for all people and creation. We’ll have in our prayers the Earthshot prize winners and contestants, and COP26 as well as people needing our prayers / support and those affected by COVID. 

I’ll have a Prayer Bag for our prayers – do bring any items you would like to add

We’ll also be caring for each other by being mindful of social distancing with the number of Covid cases rising again. We’ll spread out well – but perhaps we’re at the time when it would be a good idea to bring/wear masks? 

Photo by kien virak on Pexels.com

See you soon! Caroline

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