Welcoming refugees to Ross-on-Wye

Welcoming refugees to Ross-on-Wye

Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust is convening a meeting of those interested in supporting refugees in Ross with the aim of helping a support group to form. 

If you are interested in joining us on Saturday 26th March at 9.30 am at St Mary’s Church, or cannot attend but would like to keep in touch with developments, add your details to this form (https://bit.ly/refugeemeeting).  We will use this to create a mailing list to keep everyone in touch with each other.   

The meeting is for anyone interested in ensuring support for refugees in the town, especially:

  • Ukrainians already living here
  • Those who speak Ukrainian or Russian as well as English
  • Those who have offered accommodation for refugees
  • Community groups and churches
  • Those with past experience of supporting refugees in other communities
  • Those willing to volunteer to offer support

Please pass on this invitation to anyone you know locally in the above categories. We are also inviting representatives from local schools and statutory agencies in health and social services.

If you have queries, please email info@rosscdt.org.uk or leave a message on our Helpline 01989 313002.

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