Website launched today to support Ukrainians living in Ross

Helping Ukrainians In Ross

Many of us may not be in a position to host a Ukrainian family but we may have wondered how we can help. The Ross Refugee Support is a newly formed independent network of volunteers who are offering help. Some are hosting Ukrainian families but others are simply offering a little of their time.

The Support Group meet every Wednesday in the lower room of the Ross Baptist Church in Broad Street.  This is an opportunity for Ukrainians to meet others from their country, helping them to feel less isolated and chat with others who are in the same situation, which in itself is helping many settle in to a new temporary life in the UK. The hosts have also found it useful to meet other hosts who have been able to offer accommodation and they too can exchange useful ideas on many day to day situations.

Photo: Mayor Ed O’Driscoll joined a group of 30 Ukrainians and support volunteers this month.

The Ross Refugee Support Group is planning to help in other areas. Margaret King, who is responsible for steering this group said

“In addition to hosting families and individuals, we can help in so many practical ways such as helping them improve their English, help with transport, form filling, job applications, health and mental wellbeing.”

If you know of any Ukrainian families or hosts who would benefit from this or if you can help by offering a couple of hours or more, please contact us via our website at

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