Giving to St Mary’s in 2022

Dear Friend.

As Sean outlined in yesterday morning’s sermon, St Mary’s has found itself in difficult financial circumstances for several years and we are committing ourselves, from today, to do something about this.

Particularly we are asking every member of our regular congregation to consider what they may be able to give to the work of their church.

You may receive a letter from us in the next few day (if not there are generic ones by the main door of the church); we ask you to consider the content seriously and to act if you are able. Be assured that the most precious gift you can give us is that of yourselves and if, after considering our appeal, you are unable to help you are still very welcome at St Mary’s. All giving details are known only to the treasurer and the giving secretary.

You’ll find all you need at

One thought on “Giving to St Mary’s in 2022

  1. May God’s love for all be reflected in our striving toward the continuity of this great church and all of the activities and services it offers.


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