Dick Brice RIP

This week we’ve had the sad news of the death of Dick Brice. He will be well known to so many local residents, as one time head teacher of Llangrove and Brampton Abbotts CE Primary School, musician and entertainer or personally. Dick will be much missed and we extend our sincere condolences to Di and all of Dick’s family at this time.

Here he is in 2021 when he came to record his “Song of the River Wye” for the Gilpin 2020+ project. Rest in peace, Dick and thank you!

3 thoughts on “Dick Brice RIP

  1. Dick was one of the best, a generous and compassionate man with the biggest of hearts. He was a talented musician and poet who brought joy and happiness to all who saw him perform. He was also a dear and loyal friend over very many years.


  2. He and Di, as the power behind Redditch Folk Club in the late ’60s to early 70’s, were a huge influence on the lives of many. I still do some of the songs learned from them.
    A goodly number of people from that scene, including Climbing club , White Hart Morris, remain in regular contact.


  3. Dick and Di were a major influence on so many lives through the wonderful evenings of the Redditch Folk Club at ‘The Fleece’.
    All of us, so lucky to be there then, still continue to treasure Dick’s input to our lives – wherever in the world we find ourselves today.
    Dick RIP


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