Grab a Pew from St Mary’s

St Mary’s Ross is undertaking a major reordering of the interior of the building. About half of the existing pine pews (installed in 1862) are to be removed. Several members of the community have expressed interest in one so here are the arrangements for purchasing. All money raised from the sale of the pews will be used in the building project. All the complete pews have been reserved in less than a week – an amazing response!

The pews that remain are all missing an end, and all around 2.5 – 3 metres in length . However, it’s likely that many people will be shortening them anyway so if two pews, with matching ends, will work for you they are available for £100 for the pair. If you have some other plan which only requires one end then £75 for a single incomplete pew. The Ross charity, Enviroability, is available to do any work on shortening, creating corner seats, re-fixing ends etc if required (see below).


If you’d like to come into church to take a look please do; the church is open each day from about 09:00 – 16:00. Pews are all clearly numbered and you can reserve them by writing your details on the label on the pew. Alternatively, please contact John or Mark (details below) to reserve pews.

Pews are sold on a buyer collects basis and collection can happen shortly after the work begins on Monday 4th September. We will let you know.

If a complete pew is really what you need, and you can wait, then phase two of this project will be happening – we hope in 12 – 24 months time – and there will be a very similar quantity of pews available then. Please contact us and we’ll keep you informed.


Church contacts (for purchasing):

Mark Sanderson – 01989 565386 –  (up to 21st August)

John Setchfield – 01989 564535      (from 24th August)

Enviroability can be contacted by email or on 01989 763388 should you want them to do any work on your behalf, Paula Evans is the contact. They will quote you for that work.

One thought on “Grab a Pew from St Mary’s

  1. As a choir member and taper (carry the candle, I was one of the -1st girl to carry the candle) I would love a memory from my childhood. Image the queues will be long for these items. Sad, but.. a good way to raise money’s. Good luck 🍀


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