Food vouchers for local primary school children

Every year the Ross Educational Foundation supports local students by awarding grants for equipment, books and travel to help them achieve their educational goals.

The current pandemic places strains on families that go way beyond the need for educational support, as we have seen across the country the issues with free school meals and the increased use of food banks. 

The Foundation has therefore decided to make the sum of £1,500 available in £30 food vouchers which can be reclaimed for food from Morrisons.

Kirintec Ltd., the company that resides in the Walter Scott School in Old Gloucester Road, is very kindly adding £3,000 to the fund, so a total of 150 vouchers are being distributed via Ashfield Park, Brampton Abbotts, Bridstow and St Joseph’s Schools for the benefit of local Ross families.

One thought on “Food vouchers for local primary school children

  1. As an Honorary Trustee of the Foundation and past Clerk, I was delighted to know that some funds were going to help needy families in Ross now that applications for grants towards educational needs had slowed right down because of the Covid epidemic. Well done to Sean, Jane and Nick for organising this with Morrison’s.


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