Happy Mothering Sunday

We wish everyone (especially all the Mums) a very happy Mothering Sunday.

Our service is about to start in St Mary’s. You can join it now on YouTube.

One thought on “Happy Mothering Sunday

  1. If this post comes from the “The Ross Parishes: Ross-on-Wye,
    Walford & Brampton Abbotts” why does it not give details of
    the Mothering Sunday zoom family service from Walford today. If
    these posts are intended only to provide information about St
    Mary’s then you need to change the title. I have seen Mark in
    action with his grasp of technology that makes these things
    possible and my reply is not a criticism of the ‘messenger’.

    Paul Connell
    Iona Merrivale Road
    HR9 5JX
    01989 563280
    On 14/03/2021 09:20, The Ross Parishes:
    Ross-on-Wye, Walford & Brampt


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